Archatais, a woman-owned business, was founded on the principles of providing expert
Engineering and Program Management Services that positively impact the deliverables
required by the Customer.  

With 25 years experience managing financial, hardware, and software programs, and
30 years experience as a User, Operator, Manager, Tester, and Trainer of operational
systems, Archatais merges a superior knowledge of both sides of the acquisition and
development dilemma, that of satisfying all mandated Milestone requirements, while
ensuring the eventual User of the system receives exactly what they need and can use.

Whether directly managing programs as large as $35 million, providing management
support to programs as large as $2 billion, or providing domain and engineering
expertise to programs as large as $232 million, Archatais’ singular goal is success for
all involved.

Let Archatais help you today.
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